22 May 2008

Greetings! And why we're here.

Gas prices have more than quadrupled since 2003.

Oil prices just topped $135 a barrel, and show no sign of going much lower.

Gas prices are hovering around an average of $4 a gallon.

...These are just a few of the many facts that paint a bleak picture for people who rely on cars as their primary form of transportation. And prices aren't getting any lower....gas may hit $5 in the near future. In an economy that is already wrought with tighter budgets and less jobs, higher transportation costs will be crippling to most Americans.

So why blog about not having a car in Los Angeles, a sprawling metropolis with one of the biggest car cultures in the United States? Because if it can be done here, then it can be done anywhere in the country. Los Angeles already suffers from a notorious traffic problem, a bus system that isn't exactly prompt, and people aren't even allowed to hail taxis in the city. But we do have the largest and most extensive bus system in the country; we have a fledging subway system with plans for growth; and we have a climate that is optimal for bicyclists.

Bikes galore at USC

I don't own a car, and I've been living in LA a little less than a year. And yes, sometimes I've needed one. But I've taken the bus, and rode my bike. I've used the local car share service, or I've gotten a ride. I am living proof that you can live in Los Angeles without a car! And I'm more than happy to extend my life experiment if it means helping others learn how to save money, time, and the earth.

Sooooo...if you are living the experiment as well, or are bike- and bus-friendly, please let me know! I am looking for contributors and would love additional viewpoints.

Disclaimer: This blog is not meant to encourage anyone to give up their cars outright or stop buying cars. Rather, it's meant to be a resource for people living in Los Angeles - and beyond - who are interested in options to an auto-centric lifestyle.

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sevensixfive said...

Hi EmKem, just wanted to offer some moral support.

I lived in LA for eight months in 2006, four of those without a car. I was lucky because I lived about .6 miles from my office, and about the same distance from the beach. There was a grocery store around the corner, and I had four roommates with cars to ride to parties with.

I might volunteer to contribute something later on in the summer when I'm not so busy. Looking forward to seeing more!