14 June 2008

The 720 is the place to be

Los Angeles' answer to a (currently) inadequate subway and lightrail system is the Metro Rapid buses that run on most of the city's major streets. The 720 is the Rapid bus that runs East-West along Wilshire Boulevard between Downtown LA and Santa Monica pretty much all day long. And, given that Wilshire intersects with almost all of LA's major North-South streets, it's a very popular route. Below is a picture of one of the 720's "smaller" buses....normally they are those giant double-buses, you know, the kind with the expansion joint in the middle that people can actually sit in? I took a ride on the 720 the other day on one of those giant buses, and it was packed. The drivers on the Rapid buses really know how to speed as well, so even with the traffic on Wilshire in Beverly Hills, I made it cross town in less than 50 minutes. And it's hard to explain, but when you're packed into a bus that tightly with people from every imaginable walk of life barreling down Wilshire Boulevard at 50 miles an hour, you really learn to appreciate your neighbors more.

image courtesy of chaffeeyiu.com

The 720: highly recommended, both for transit, and for neighborly spirit!


actionjustin said...

Great idea for a site!

Let me also sing the praises of the Rapid 780! This amazing red bus takes you from:
LOS FELIZ Valley/City

Most people in Los Angeles say, "if only LA had a subway system, I'd ride it."

But the truth is, the subway has ugly plastic seats and nothing to look at but dated PoMo architecture. The subway is fast and convenient, but the Rapid buses are stainless steel, with flat screen TVs and give you a different look at LA.

Lay the 720, 780 and 704 [Santa Monica Blvd] over the Subway map and that's central LA's transit system.

Ms. Abbi said...

50 minutes? From where to where? I commute from Commerce to UCLA on the 720 regularly, and the only time I make it in less than an hour is 5AM and 11PM. Kudos to you if you made it from Commerce to SM in 50 though!

(I'm not knocking the 720 either, which is a great line in general, but is also not without its probs -- esp. w/r/t wait time.)

emKem said...

Er, I went from Downtown to Westwood/Wilshire. Where is Commerce? Sorry I've only lived here a year :o/