02 June 2008

between the spokes 001: a bikers perspective

hey lilawac readers!

this NEW exciting series of blog updates comes direct from downtown la/highland park, offering the perspective of someone who owns a car but has recently decided to take to the road on two wheels (with a little help from metro gold)

after a few rides to school (6.5 miles) and a few adjustments to my trusty huffy mountain bike (that's right...huffy) i have found that despite getting to school sweaty, the bike ride is rather enjoyable. and you get to see awesome views of the la river.

but how do you plan your journey you ask? can i google map bike paths? yes! bike metro has made a handy website that allows you to map potential bike paths based on your tolerance of hills, level of riding and if you want to use public transit. my favorite part is when you map your path, it tells you how much money you are saving by not driving, elevation graphs and lots of other cool facts.

summers here, so park the car and get some fresh air!

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emKem said...

Excellent find! I'm adding it to the permalinks....