04 June 2008

between the spokes 002: that's one sweet ride!

today i thought i would start my post with some images of my sweet ride:

that's right, kiddos. simple.classic.huffy. i've had this 15 speed since i was in middle school. aside from some modifications for comfort (those stock bike seats...oy vey) it's pretty much just the way i got it for my 15th birthday. the point here is you don't need anything fancy to make your way by bike instead of car.

if you need further inspiration, check out this article by andy bowers nobody bikes in la. unless you are driving more than 20 miles somewhere, it would be just as easy (and cheaper) to bike there.

so save your gas money and spend it on a new bike seat!

for those of you already on the prowl and looking to meet some others like yourself, check out the event calender at bikeboom los angeles. it's practically littered with events for fellow bikers like yourselves!

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