19 June 2008

between the spokes 003: one more reason to park the car

from the los angeles times:

"Bush calls for offshore drilling, citing gasoline prices"
read full article here

the intention of this post isn't to procure rabid political debates, but rather point out that everyone's actions do make an impact on the global level. ditching your car in favor of biking or mass transit to make the relatively small commutes that we each make day to day helps to ensure that our gracious mother earth hangs on for a few more years.

los angeles is the quintessential car city, so if you/we can make it without a car here, then we can make it anywhere (yeah, that's right mr. sinatra... new york is so last century). and besides the environmental benefits, have you been on public transportation in this city? one ride alone provides a weeks worth of water cooler conversation fodder...from the bad fashions to the crazies to the friendly strangers...attractive people who ride bikes... in comparison with driving it's just blah blah blah traffic this and blah blah blah gas prices that...conversation more predictable than the ending of the sex and the city movie.

so, if for some reason you hate trees, then at least ride the metro to spark up your coffee talk. just don't make fun of the guy on the huffy on the metro gold around 11 each night. because i will know.

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