25 June 2008

between the spokes 004: chinese proverbs

photo taken at the bike rikes for the chinatown metro gold stop
very profound.

in other news, yesterday i rode the metro red/purple line for the first time. my office sent me on a mission to rhino model (sorry non-architect readers...it's a modeling software...nothing to do with animals) at the other office we are working on. this seemed like a fine time to explore some new metro territory. all i can say is WOW! the metro red/purple line is all underground, so
a: you feel like you live in new york/europe (your pick)
b: there is something almost rebel like to travel underground in los angeles, like your beating the system and doing something in section rather than plan (again apologies non-architect folk)
c: have you seen the red line stations is los angeles? they all look like discarded sets from 70's sci-fi films (read: before lucasfilms got all digital). i totally recommended checking them out for the sheer awesomeness of brutalist concrete and ambient light. i didn't have my camera with me, but i will share some pics next time i go underground.

so today's lessons:
1: you + bike = -1 car
2: droids and non-droids alike love LA's redline

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emKem said...

I know, right? The Red Line is awesome. I forget which station has film reels as a ceiling treatment, but they each have a very distinct character. And that whole non-LA experience is quite a thrill :o)

Can't wait to see your bike!