09 June 2008

Bus + Bike = Will Travel

Due to some computer problems (that I don't really want to get into), I've had to visit Culver City several times in the past few weeks, and it looks like I might have to go back. Today, however, I was prepared for any form of transportation, and I took the carbon-free plunge. I biked from USC to Culver City - actually, Motor and National, so the Palms neighborhood - by myself. I had never even visited some of those neighborhoods by car, let alone by bike, so it was an adventure. Between that long trip and the morning commute to school, I actually biked 14.25 miles total today. Have a look at the Google Map below for an overview or the actual map for a close-up of my route. I went this way on the recommendation of a friend who lives in Culver City, and aside from a fairly daunting headwind, the entire route was flat, and the neighborhoods were calm. The first mile or so on 36th Pl. was actually to avoid the nasty construction on Exposition, and it worked well. All of the streets I traveled were either wide enough to accommodate bikes or slow enough so that cars had no trouble going around.

On my way back, I cruised down Motor to Venice, where I picked up the 333 bus back to Downtown LA. The 333 is an express version of the 33, which traverses Venice Boulevard from Main Street in Downtown to the ocean in the west. If you've never taken your bike on a bus, first let me clarify: you don't actually take it on the bus. You put it on a rack on the front of the bus and lock it in with a big "hook" that holds the bike in place, no matter how aggressive your bus driver (trust me I've had plenty). So after biking 14 miles, I was relieved to have the 333 bus option to take me right back to Downtown, even though I had to squeeze on the bus. You would think with rising gas prices and a noticeable uptick in ridership, they would add more buses that could accommodate all those people....I guess these things take time!


Anonymous said...

That looks like a good route. I've been looking for a route from USC to my gym in culver at Higuera and Washington. I'll give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Hi !

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