17 June 2008

The ever growing train population.

Yes, this is the preferred method of transportation these days. With gas prices quickly approaching 5-bucks a gallon, I'm not the only one. UGH.

It used to be that I could leisurely make the 1.5 mile car ride to the park and ride at the Sierra Madre Train Station, park my car where ever I pleased, head down the stairs, walk the over pass (b/c yes, we have to walk over the 210 West to get to the tracks.) and settle in comfortably for my 8:10 am beginning to end-of-the-line daily train adventure.

Well now, it's not so leisurely. Instead, I have to get up a minimum of 30 minutes earlier go through the morning rigor with a swiftness to hop in my car, cut off the stupid slow drivers in Pasadena to get to the same train station, where now, if I am lucky, there is one of TEN parking spots still available at 7:40 in the morning. My adventure is no longer settling, nor is it comfortable.

People are always cramming on the train, by the time we get to the Highland Park station, it's standing room only. I'm always on my laptop working on some design, which also stops me from people watching. (Side note: Did you know that people don't like to be stared at? Well it's not my fault they have no fashion sense.) And as out tracked-trek goes over the freeways, I can't laugh at the commuters anymore... because, oh yes, high gas prices equal less traffic. I guess that means that the comfy places to be are now back on the roads. At least it's getting that way.

Being a green advocate, I appreciate the positive impact this is going to have on the environment, getting all the cars off the road. What I don't appreciate is the lack of etiquette that people have on the train. And, that, my friends is becoming an ever growing problem with the ever growing population of train commuters. Unfortunately, I am not the only one that has realized the economic coup public trans provides. I guess, I'll have to learn to share.

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