11 June 2008


I was initially inspired to start this blog back around May 15, which was Bike to Work Day in Los Angeles County. A slew of people around LA, including a number of my coworkers, participated in the bike ride, and as a result, many of them were treated to breakfast, "swag", and the satisfaction of knowing that they burned calories, not fossil fuels, on their way to work that day.

Well, I apparently got up too late to enjoy all the festivities, and I guess I live too close to work too, because I didn't get any of the perks on my ride to work that day. Which led me to think, "wait a second. I bike to work every week, at least twice a week.....where's my swag?!" Naturally this led to my decision to start a blog, LOL.

lucky bikers got swag on May 15's Bike to Work day - image courtesy of metro.net

This month brought another big Bike to Work Day, this one in Tokyo, Japan, and it's happening today on June 11. In conjunction with today's event, have a look at this gadget that you can put on your bike that keeps track of total hours, average speed, calorie consumption, AND the total CO2 savings made versus car travel for the same distance.


randar said...

i biked to work today! 8.2 miles of gas-free fitness!

Lauren said...

Thanks for the blog!

I live in NYC now so I only walk/bike everywhere because here, no one drives.

I'm moving to LA next May and want to drive as little as possible, but after reports from friends, was worried that this would be impossible. Your blog gives some great info! When I was last out there, I biked from Malibu to Redondo Beach and it was awesome. I also relied on Big Blue a lot.