06 June 2008

Life on the F Dash

One of the easiest ways to get around Downtown LA, and in fact, many other areas of the city, is by using the DASH buses.   You have probably seen a DASH bus around town, even if you didn't realize it....it's just a tad bit shorter than a regular bus, it's blue, and it's usually cruising!  Besides the fact that it's only 25 cents.   I take the F Dash every week at least once but usually more often since I work at and attend USC.  And between that and my bike, I have had some weeks where I've only spent about, oh, $1.50 in transportation costs. 

The DASH bus doesn't just operate Downtown....there are DASH routes all over town, and these are all 25 cents too!  Use the link above and the LA DOT Transit link to the right to find the DASH line that works for you, and save some money!   

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