11 July 2008

between the spokes 005: movin' on up

hey lilawac-er's

okay, so i admit that in my earlier posts i sung the praises of being simple, i.e. how it doesn't take anything fancy to park the car and take to two wheels. that was before bianchi.

i admit, my old huffster served me well. it got me through those awkward formative years of adolescence. it stood by my side as transitioned from teen to adult that fateful semester when i moved away from home and was afforded the use of a car. and when gas prices soared in the summer of '08, who was there? that's right...huffy.

but sometimes steadfast and reliable is just that, steadfast and reliable. so, i decided to do what any average quarter-life crisis person would do. i traded in the old land yacht and got my self a sports car.

i know, i know. but i have to tell you, this bike was so worth it. words can not describe the shear delight it is to wake up everyday and get to ride this beauty around town. the ride- so smooth. the look- so hot. in the words of ferris bueller "it's so choice."

this bike is a precision machine

complete with carbon fiber trimmings.

r.i.p. huffy. this biker has found a new love.

in other news:

you know those guys at google should really get a nobel prize or something for pretty much finding a solution to everything- email, calandar, search engine- and now, google has made their already awesome maps even better but allowing to plan your trip with public transit! sadly los angeles isn't available yet, however knowing how google works, it will only be a matter of time before our fair city is on the map! and for those readers outside of LA, maybe you can report back on the google map public transit planning experience- cough, cough honolulu.


erin said...

Love the Bianchi... now to connect both of those topics: there is a petition out there asking Google to add a "Bike There" feature to their maps. I have no idea if they'll listen, but adding some more signatures couldn't hurt, right?


emKem said...

OK, so first of all, your bike is hot. Congrats!

Secondly, I would be happy to try this function out in Honolulu if I knew what the addresses of any of these places were. As it is, I rented a bike so I haven't really had to learn. Plus they aren't normal Road" and "Ala Wei Boulevard" and stuff I can't remember. It's mad confusing getting around here!

Thirdly, I'm off to sign that petition!

randar said...

signed sealed delivered