07 July 2008

I go out of town for a couple of days.....

...And everything goes crazy! I'm on vacation right now which is why LILAWAC is quieter than normal, but apparently Los Angeles is not quiet in my absence. I just spotted this post on Curbed LA which documents a couple of incidents involving cyclists over the weekend. In one incident a motorist started harassing cyclists who were riding legally and in single file on the side of the road, then swerved in front of them and braked, causing serious injury to both. The article doesn't mention if the motorist was charged or not, but if anyone knows the license plate number of this guy's car, will you please publish it so the rest of us can be on the lookout? The last thing we need is a psychopath running down cyclists in LA.

Meanwhile I'm in Hawaii, and they love bikes down here. I'm going to the Bike Shop to rent one for the week today. I'm going to stick with a "comfort" bike since I don't have any idea where I am yet, and I really just need to go to the beach and back, but they rent road bikes too. And they are nice! Check it out if you ever make it to Honolulu.

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