31 July 2008


One of the biggest hurdles that I've had to overcome in my switch to commuting by bicycle is the notion that sweat is a bad thing. I've always been the type of person who perspires when they work out, and commuting by bike, while not as strenuous as running a marathon, isn't exactly a stroll in the park, either. Going down the road at 20 mph on 2 wheels burns calories, and therefore, I sweat.

But I learned to embrace that sweat. Sure it's yucky for the ride and about 20 minutes after that, but when I'm done with my ride, I've got one workout done for the day. The ride home makes a second workout for the day. Commuting to work or school just 3 days a week means I get 6 workouts in without stepping foot in a gym! But don't take it from me, check out these guys in the New York Times.....they bike even further than I do. Click here or do a search for calorie calculators to find out how many calories you would burn by commuting to work by bike.

Tomorrow I'll talk about how I carry my change of clothes to work with me so I don't stay sweaty all day :o)

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