18 July 2008

The Two-Wheeler Tide is Shifting

Even major news outlets like MSNBC are acknowledging that high fuel costs are driving commuters to bikes and buses. Today, their article Bikes or Cars - who rules the road? touches on a number of problems facing people who choose to use their legs, and not their cars, to get to work. One good point in the article (which I highly recommend to anyone who is considering trying to bike) is beware of newbies in the saddle: many people just starting out aren't familiar with bike-on-the-road etiquette and don't understand that cyclists need to obey traffic laws as well as everybody else. The article also mentions a difficult fact that many cyclists hate to hear about - some drivers are impatient around cyclists on the road, and end up acting downright hostile. But the energy crisis isn't going anywhere....which means bikes aren't going anywhere....which means, share the road.

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