01 August 2008

Bags for Biking

Can't talk for long as I'm going to explore the great public transportation system of Seattle this afternoon, however, as promised yesterday, I wanted to mention a few great bags for biking:
  • Timbuk2 - This is the type of bag I use. I love it. My bag is so enormous that in the event of an emergency it will fit both my computer and my cat, plus a change of clothes. That's not exactly essential for biking, but you can rest assured that this bag and its stabilizing strap do a great job carrying my stuff on my back while I'm concentrating on the road.
  • Chrome bags - These bags are very popular in the biking community as well. I almost bought one of these but I thought they were a bit masculine for my taste.
  • Freitag bags - These bags are super fantastic because they use cleaned and recycled truck tarps to make the bags. Unfortunately they cost a small fortune but at least you are being good to the environment!
  • Voltaic bags - And if you REALLY want to lessen your impact, may I suggest Voltaic bags. These have a solar collector in them so you can charge stuff with your bag!
I'm sure there are way more types of bags that people use.....if you have any suggestions, post them here. I gotta take the Flyaway again!


randar said...

personally i suggest this:


i don't have this one in particular, but i like having the more backpack style bag for biking.

Big Cheez250 said...

This is my bag, and I carry it every where I go,,, and I love it. This makes my bike so sylish and ride real sturdy.