12 August 2008

Beach Ride

There's nothing quite as lovely as taking a long bike ride down the beach on a Sunday morning. It's beautiful, it's breezy, and you burn lots and lots of calories in the process. The route that my biking buddies and I usually take is shown below.....we start just a little south of Santa Monica pier and bike south all the way to Hermosa Beach. Normally you can pick up a pretty good pace after you get through the crowds in Venice, but this past Sunday morning, the roughly 15 mile return trip was a little tougher than normal. We biked into headwind nearly the whole way home! Needless to say we burned over 2000 calories and I spent most of Sunday and yesterday recovering. I recommend this trail though, especially for beginners. There are plenty of people on beach cruisers through Santa Monica and Venice so it's less intimidating, although it is a chore to dodge traffic in some major pedestrian areas.

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Will Campbell... said...

I'm pretty much a reeeeal early morning or dark-of-night beach pather rider. I just can't stand all the peds walking all over the BIKES ONLY signage.

Here's a route for you: One of these days maybe start at Dockweiler Beach south of Marina Del Rey and take the path all the way down to Redondo Beach and beyond up into Palos Verdes. A stop and hike down the bluffs to the tide pools of Lunada Bay is a great turnaround place for a picnic. It's about 34 miles roundtyrip, some uphills getting into PV, but nothing redonkulous and well worth the tide pools.