08 August 2008

Call for Contributors!

Happy 08-08-08! Since it's the luckiest of all lucky days, I thought I might try my luck at asking for contributors (sorry, couldn't help myself). I'm returning to grad school in a couple of weeks so I fear my opportunities to post might diminish significantly, but LA's various and dynamic forms of transportation certainly aren't going anywhere. If you use alternative transportation to get around in this car-centric city and feel that your experiences might be worth sharing, drop us a line or leave a comment. I think that more voices and experiences would make the site richer and more useful for everyone.

Have a lucky and wonderful weekend!


Anonymous said...

Dig the blog since I was linked to it a couple days ago. I gave my car to charity back in December, and have loved every minute of carlessness in LA (did this once before in Salt Lake City with great results). Let me know if I can offer any help; couldn't find any way of contacting other than comments.


emKem said...

Hi Rob! Thanks for your comment....I didn't realize you couldn't email me from the blog :o/

Please email me at wonderk371 (at) gmail.com and let's chat!