30 August 2008

"Cycling Makes Community"

So says the Bike Writers Collective. Check out their web site for a Cyclist's Bill of Rights. It's awesome!

(I wonder if they'd let us into the Collective?...)

Evidence of a thriving bike community was seen two days ago on USC's campus at the semi-annual Bike Sale, which I attended. Rather, I tried to attend it, but the line was so long, I had no chance at getting one of the 100 or so used bikes they put out. These bikes are harvested at the end of every semester from bike racks on campus after having been abandoned by careless owners. Perhaps I was being greedy in the first place, I mean why do I really need another bike when I already have a perfectly good one? But, they were only $25 and I was hoping to find something a little lighter. Alas, maybe next time, but only if I camp out (photo below)...

You'd think they were waiting for tickets to see Saturday Night Live

About 75% of the line

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