15 August 2008

A peak into the future of 4-wheeled vehicles

MSNBC continues to surprise me with its coverage of alternative vehicles and transportation. Today they have an article about the Zenn ("Zero emission, no noise") electric vehicle that you should check out. I stumbled upon the Zenn for the first time at a conference last year and I thought it was great, even more so since at about $16,000, it's actually affordable. It is part of a growing industry refered to as "neighborhood electric vehicles" or NEVs, since its top speed is only about 25 miles per hour and it only gets about 35 miles to a charge. If you live in a community with streets that have 35 mph speed limits, you could legally drive this car on the road in many places of the country. Of course it is still impractical for most people, myself included, but the battery technology is quickly catching up to consumer demands, and the CEO of Zenn is planning to have much more robust vehicles on the road in just a couple of years. So when an all-electric car comes on the market that gets up to 80 mph and goes for 240 miles on a single charge, and it costs about $25,000, would you buy it? I believe my answer would be "yes."

image courtesy msnbc.com

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