24 August 2008

Photos of Bike Lovers in their Natural Habitats

I discovered this project in a newsletter produced by Cal State LA called Loudmouth, and I thought it was so neat that I wanted to share it with everyone. Bike It: Portraits of My Bicipandilla, by Kelly Marie Martin, is a series of black and white photographs that the artist has taken of her bike buddies to document them all. Have a look at this link to see some of the portraits and the artist's thoughts about her project. In the meantime, I'm going to try to figure out what a "bicipandilla" is ...

(I hope she doesn't mind me talking about it ... but it's super cool and a special treat for all the bike lovers out there!)

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Anonymous said...

Hi! A bicipandilla is a bicycle gang and I have recently put out a book of some of the portraits. You can find it here. Thanks for the kind words!