18 August 2008

Sustainable LA

Yesterday on Grand Avenue in Downtown LA, the Los Angeles Film Festival branched out into a mini-block party dubbed "Sustainable LA." Organizations and artists from all over the city who promote sustainable living came out and set up booths along the block from 12 to 6 pm, and the booths were bookended by performances or workshops. The discussion they were having while I visited was about electric cars; they had five panelists, I missed who they were, but one of them was clearly from General Motors because he was discussing their upcoming Chevy Volt and GM's research on electric car infrastructure. Here's a snapshot from that:

Here are some other photos from the day. It was a lovely afternoon for a block party and local cycling and public transportation enthusiasts were out in force as well.

A model of a plan to turn the 101 cavern north of Downtown into a park

A parking sign becomes a planter

In the shadow of giants!

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