07 August 2008

Tom LaBonge and his merry band of bikers

I never meant for this blog to be solely about the biking experience in Los Angeles, but it is summertime, and therefore it's a great time to ride, and talk about it. As it turns out, City Councilman Tom LaBonge agrees with me, so he's started hosting Wednesday bike rides throughout different areas of the city. The most recent ride started in and traversed through Downtown, and since that's my 'hood, I decided to join. What great fun we had! I have never been to some of the areas we biked through, and wouldn't have gotten the chance except with a group. We wheeled around a state park, biked through Boyle Heights, and waved at the Arts District. Also in an exhilarating flash, we biked through the 2nd Street Tunnel. Woo hoo! I recommend next week's ride to anyone looking for a little exercise and community in one neat package. And the best perk of riding with a City Councilman? The police escort, although the popsicles at the end didn't hurt :o)

Photos from the August 6 Sister City Downtown Ride:

This week's starting point: City Hall

I hope someone at the front knows where we go next

Go into the light!

Cresting on Figueroa and getting ready for the tunnel

At the end


Tom said...

SOunds like a fun time.... too bad council-people did not do that around here.

Will Campbell... said...

For further downtown bicycling adventures you should consider joining the IAAL•MAF for No. 8 in its occasional public spinvitationals. We'll be doing a 12-15 mile route in and around downtown followed by a visit to the Los Angeles Gun Club for some them/there gun shootin'...

More info: http://www.midnightridazz.com/viewStory.php?storyId=1630

emKem said...

Awesome, thanks Will! I also like the part about the whiskey :o)