08 September 2008

The Big Blue Bus

My best friend lives in Santa Monica, and I live downtown. So for me to get to see her, without a car, is a pretty big hassle, right?


About 90% of the time, when I need to go to Santa Monica, I take the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus. They have an express bus, the aptly named 10 line, that goes from numerous stops in Downtown LA to numerous stops in central Santa Monica. It's a great bus, really ... it's quick, you can put your bike on the front, and it's usually quite timely. Unfortunately it has a limited schedule ... typically service ends by about 8 pm, but it does run on the weekends. And if you go to Santa Monica on the 10 and you miss the last bus, remember that you can always catch the 720 on Wilshire, which goes from one end to the other, pretty much all day and night.

So remember, if the Republic of Santa Monica is your destination ... the Big Blue Bus will get you there. (I wish I had a picture to put here ... suffice it to say that the bus is big, blue, and well, a bus.)

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Li said...

I used to take the 10 when I lived in West LA and worked downtown. It's a great way to get to the beach, too. Don't have to pay for parking and someone else can deal with the traffic.