15 September 2008

Not giving up on trains

I'm sure it goes without saying that trains are still the safest way to travel. The Governator told you this on Saturday, following the worst train wreck in this country in 15 years. People who ride trains and subways know it too ... you're land-bound, chugging along on a rail, designed to prevent collisions. But sometimes accidents happen. And hearing the news that the wreck may well have been caused by an engineer who missed a red light - because he was texting? really? - makes this no less tragic, but it also makes it seem like a bad dream. It makes me wince. It makes me really worry about people in Los Angeles who, if they are trying to avoid the highway because it's dangerous being on the road with all the crazies who drive while texting, might now be scared away by trains because of engineers who operate thousands of tons of hurtling metal while texting.

I sincerely hope this isn't the case and that when the investigation is completed, we find out that there was a malfunction or something. Nevertheless, it won't bring those people back, and it won't help the people who are still in the hospital and facing months of rehab. I'll definitely get on a train again, but next time, I might head towards the back.

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Tom said...

It is a bad sign for public transit right at a time when we could use stability and a little security. Despite the accident, it is better than driving a car with its 3,300 fatalities (worldwide) every single day. Imagine... a tragedy like the world trade centers daily... and it rarely makes the news.