16 October 2008

Feeding me information

When I bring information to this site, there are a number of other blogs from which I get it. Many of them are posted in the links on the right, but just so we're clear, I will give them a shout out right now:
  1. Treehugger. I can't think of a better blog on environmental issues today than Treehugger, and they always seem to have the best posts on biking and other transportation issues. I encourage anyone to check it out.
  2. Blogdowntown. A blog about, uh, Downtown LA, of course.
  3. Curbed LA. This blog discusses many aspects of our urban environment, including real estate and new architecture. Oh and the Metro line.
  4. Inhabitat. This is the blog that has Transportation Tuesday, so we don't have to.
Also here's some news about the Downtown Regional Connector that will allow seamless transfer from the Gold Line to the Blue and Expo lines. As Curbed put it, "it sounds like something a grown-up city would have. "

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