12 October 2008

My dream

I had a dream last night about this blog. I dreamt that I met the bloggers of Curbed LA and they started chatting me up, and then I told them that I had this blog, but I didn't know how much longer I would be able to maintain it because I'm getting so busy with school and I just didn't have time. And the bloggers of Curbed (in my dream it was called "Current") told me to keep it up as long as I could, that it was important and needed to be done. Shortly thereafter, I woke up.

It has been nearly two weeks since I posted here, and that I had a dream because I felt guilty about not posting means that the lack of blogging is both my fault and a true indication of how crazy my life has become. As a graduate student I have responsibilities I have to attend to, and between those and watching the intense market turmoil of the past couple of weeks, I am rather amazed I remembered to eat. But here I am now ... and like the mythical bloggers at Curbed in my dream, I do think this blog is important. Los Angeles is going to reach a critical point in the near future where it's going to have to decide what it wants to be, and although transportation isn't all of that decision, it's a large and vital part of it. People are going to have to work together if they want a Los Angeles that functions as well as many other American - or even global - cities do.

So I'm going to keep blogging here as long as I'm able, but in the meantime, I would still love other contributors to share their experiences. I'll let you know if any further solutions to society's problems appear to me in my dreams.


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Well, I just found this blog but I can say it is certainly helpful. Thanks for keeping up with it!