22 October 2008

One of the best ways to save on transportation costs is by not going anywhere

Conservation shouldn't stop with the products that we use (or don't use), or with our increasingly precious resources. Conservation can also extend to how much we travel and how much we NEED to travel. Case in point, this article on Treehugger about working from home. It seems to me like the most efficient trip is the trip that we don't need to take. Which is why working from home makes so much sense, even if your boss does not currently agree:
Megan suggests at Planet Green, "Let your boss know that green telecommuting is a growing trend, that eco-smart bosses and workers everywhere are giving this carbon-footprint-shrinking solution a go, and that you'd like to hop on the emission-reduction wagon."
And if your boss doesn't respond to this eco-idealist talk, remind them that working from home would probably reduce overhead in addition to your company's carbon footprint. The technology exists to allow a LOT more people to start working from home, but we haven't really embraced it yet. Isn't it time?

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