18 December 2008

Living in Cincinnati Without a Car

Ok, well I'm not really living here, but I'm visiting my hometown for the holidays, and I'm relying on the courtesy of my family and friends to shuttle me around. It rather feels like I'm in their "custody"... currently I'm in my Mother's custody but will be in the custody of my best friends over the weekend.

Cincinnati is a car-centric city, for sure, even more so than Los Angeles, believe it or not. At least in LA, I have the option of the bus or the subway, most times of the day. In Cincinnati, most people I know do NOT take the bus. And if I were in a part of town where I could, I would definitely try to take the bus, but the public transportation system here just isn't robust enough. The good news is, if I hadn't been in a Target parking lot earlier this week, I would never have seen this gem....



Ben Newell said...

I'm a student in Cincinnati about to move to LA. I just found your blog and it's wonderful!

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