07 January 2009


Happy New Year!

I'm back in Los Angeles and reveling in my utter lack of funds. Oh the joys of being a grad student before the next semester's loans have been dispersed.

So I was listening to my favorite NPR podcast, APM's Marketplace, from yesterday evening (since it's free) and they were talking about asphalt. As in, that black murky stuff they use to make roads. And they were basically saying that Barack Obama wants to upgrade the country's infrastructure but that might not work very well if we have an asphalt shortage. It turns out that the price of asphalt has been inflated for the past year or so, causing many state and local governments to cancel infrastructure upgrades. And the reason the price of asphalt has been so expensive? Because it's made with oil!

I guess at this point I'm thinking:
  1. Do we have anything that's NOT made with oil?
  2. Is there something else we could use?
  3. Can't we come up with a substitute for asphalt that's not made with oil?
I mean, is this too much to ask? To have something that we can rebuild our roads with that's not made with oil?

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ubrayj02 said...


I'm working on bicycle transportation issues in the USC area and I was wondering if you were interested in working to make things better for bikes in that area of the world.

If you are, send me an email!