07 April 2010

Introducing Erin (& Ruby)

Hello, all! Long time reader, first time poster... last year my good friend Emily moved out of LA at about the same time I moved back to the area. So we were talking last week and decided that I should start posting my adventures on LILAWAC, seeing as I'm car-free. I so figured I should post to say high and give you the basic run-down before I start launching into rants about transit or stories about people nearly running me over.

//I would say that I bike to about 80% of my destinations, walk to 5%, bus to 5%, and catch a ride with a friend to the remaining 10%. This includes a 5-miles-each-way commute to work every day down the most pothole-filled bike lane imaginable.

//I've lived in LA for about seven and a half years, on and off. Seven here, two in Seattle (worse weather, better culture, bigger hills), and the last six months back here after I finished grad school. I love this place, but know it could be better.

//I didn't learn to ride a bike til I was 17. Yep, you heard that right! So if you're out there thinking this is cool for others but you're not a good enough rider, I'll call BS on that. I'm still not good at hills, I'm not super-fast, but I'm pretty fearless in traffic and willing to try things to make alternative transit work for me.

//I'm a designer, and my beliefs seep into my work. So if things go a little pie-in-the-sky or design-y around here, it's because I know that great things can be done, and there are other people out there working on them.

//I do not wear spandex. Well, I wear yoga pants to the gym, but the point is that you'll never catch me out there looking like Lance Armstrong or something. I believe that bikes can be used as transportation without making a sport out of it (unless you're into spandex, to each her own!)

//I've been car-free for one year now, and was car-light for a year and a half prior to that.

//And last but not least, you should meet Ruby (this is her at Venice beach last weekend). She's on her second life at least; I got her two years ago from Recycled Cycles when I lived in Seattle and have never looked back. The shop said that the frame was made by Giant, but it's been totally rebuilt, stripped of markings, and powdercoated, so I don't
know what model she originally was. Doesn't matter to me, she's great, and I get tons of comments on how beautiful she is.

Anyway, this is my first post to say hey there, and I'm looking forward to sharing more about living in LA without a car. Stay tuned.


emKem said...

Hooray! Great job! Looking forward to more :)

everyday is fun day said...

This is a wonderful blog! Thank you for posting your experiences and thought, it's very inspiring. My car broke down last night so I will be without a car and will be riding my bike to downtown and taking the train from downtown LA to Rancho Cucamonga, Yeah I know, very far...

Looking forward to sharing with you my experiences as well.

Best Wishes!